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  1. The first guy is Wolfgang, the other is obviously the person hiding under the nick Grim. Pheonix likes that company, so he wished to join them. No big deal. I know now where to allocate the samples and sharing matter. We learn on mistakes.
  2. Several PMs and several, countable e-mails, mind you. You have shrugged me off after the recent one some time ago. If you do not want to talk, let's do it and it is fine. Similar behaviour as with one Canadian who asked for papers and didn't bother to even say 'thank you' and another one, whose behaviour fits your style as well.
  3. I thought you were showing the one that is being sold right now, I admit, my fault. Can you shed more light on the Jello brand? It was a pastis brand, right?
  4. I have not added "in my opinion" to "it is just a modern gimmick"-it is obvious it is an opinion of mine why add it? I have not said: "most of the absintheurs consider that fountain a modern gimmick" or "according to (name) it is just a modern gimmick". While in Boveresse, we have seen it in action and people present there concluded it looks modern, it is not a fountain they would wish to have; a curiosity. I do not remember anyone of them telling it was a replica of pastis fountain from 1930, I have heard it from Clement for the very first time; the website devoted to that dustbin does not refer to 1930's fountain, either. Still, no proof has been shown that it is really a replica of the pastis fountain in question (I have asked around some French guys), so maybe Clement should show us the original finally?
  5. A certain expert in fountains claims that only fountains from India contain lead and should be sold as decorative items only. So omitting fountains made from brass in India is the way to go.
  6. It means one have to be a great sage of fountains to be allowed to make an opinion about that they do not like a particular one as disliking must have a reference and proof to back it up. Very "wise".
  7. Despite my good will, you have never responded to these I have shared and you drag it here, so do not moan and stop being a kid whose toy has been taken by force. @Clement: Will browse the book, thanks. The lead poisoning amongst the artists of any period is a vast subject with some surprising outcomes regarding lead paints' history as well. I am asking as recently some psychiatrists connected lead poisoning with van Gogh's life and he was using both lead paints and was drinking a lot of cheap adulterated absinthe, so it is an intriguing subject worth of a deeper analysis. That book: Charcot and Richer. Les diformes et les maladies dans l’art. 1889 might have a few answers. In one short study by Greenspan P, Heinz G, Hargrove J. Wine was adultered by using litharge for centuries, so if absinthes ordinaires were adulterated as well with various chemicals, why not use lead compounds thereto? The artist then is attacked from two fronts, from paints' fumes exhalation of lead compounds and from drinking tipples full of lead. Vincent would fill that description.
  8. And where did Benoit find that? And which painters did he mean, in particular?
  9. Thus, where is the reference, LV is based on that Jello fountain? The site does not mention it unless I overlooked it. Can we see it? Generally, if something is either based on or replicated, these are shown together, so that people can compare how much they are alike.
  10. A reference, please. Who in particular and where is it mentioned?
  11. My only issue was with that I do not like that particular pattern, that particlar shape and that particular "fountain". Clement has himself confirmed that it was anise fountain in the very first place, not a vintage absinthe one, thus modern. As I was saying, right down my valley are more traditional fountains, if these are to be, or other dispensers that were used by traditionalist imbibers of the tipple. The imbibers that valued the ritual and the final savouring of absinthe more than fancinful gimmicks of no spiritual value.
  12. You said it: anise fountain, NOT absinthe fountain. Fountain is alright for presentation ( I have a lady one), but do not dismiss carafes or just other dispensers. They are full of purpose, one purpose-louching the absinthe or maybe anis/pastis, the fancifullness is steered away to second plan so to say. And I do not know a shit about fountains-never had an intention of being a fountain expert at all. I want my absinthe be properly louched and savoured. For your pretentious quasi bourgeoise gimmicky modernist approach I really do not give a slightest fuck. I just comment on what I have seen.
  13. La Veritable is just a modern gimmick. Yes, expensive, yes, too sci-fi looking, yes not a fountain per se, but water dispenser, highly elaborated* Perrenoud (in action ) or Cusenier fit the idea of fanciful brouilleur serving uttermost, IMO. * to put it more simple, I have seen it in action and was not at all impressed, rather disappointed-knowing the price it is called for.
  14. The most information is in the http://www.tenneyson.com/home.htmlwebsite