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  1. Recently I ordered a reproduction fountain from www.alandia.de from whom I have purchased Absinthe in the past. The item seemd to be taking a long time to get here so I e-mailed them and asked where it was. By return I got a reply saying there had been a typo in the address on the original package but they had now re-sent the package "along with a small gift to compensate for the incovenience". Five days later the package arrived from Germany with the fountain I had ordered and the "small gift" was in fact two reproduction Pontarlier glasses (selling for about 20 Euros on their site). Just thought I would let y'all know - it's nice to have that sort of relationship with a supplier.
  2. I don't know why this discusion has veered from Ballard to Scandinavian foodstuffs, but, in true international spirit, I would add that you cannot beat a good night dining on some gournet Scottish haggis, quaffing a few good Scotches and then settling the whole matter with a well-chosen Absinthe or two(three/four... you choose). Which, of course, has nothing to do with Ballard either. Unles, of course, they sell haggis there?
  3. Hello Folks Just joined the group and I am looking forward to meeting some other Absinthe lovers. I live in Port Townsend, WA and have been here for three or so years. I'm originally from Scotland but, contrary to popular belief, that does not automatically make me a whisky drinker! I discovered Absinthe some time ago and have been quietly enjoying it (with my wife) at home. But now that we know of the existence of the Wormwood Society it seem like it is time to get to know other folks with similar tastes. I'll be pleased to read any responses. SteveB