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  1. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I am going to give it a shot. It doesn't cost me anything but time to fill out a couple of forms. Therefore I need the following information about Ikenberger and Duplias: 1. The distiller nameand address. 2. The size of bottle 3. The number of bottles in a case. This might be an issue but I am sure the BC LCB can deal with it. Thanks, Movak
  2. Czechsinth has muddied the water so much that phrases like "traditional french method" have little meaning. I know what you mean when you use that term but many others would not. There is a big difference between between giving general information and prorietary information. For example what would be the issue in stating somthing like the following: "Made with (organtic) Grand Wormwood, Anise, Fennel and other herbs and spices. Distilled after maceration. All colouration derived from herbs." There is no way anyone could reproduce a produsct from this information but a consumer could make a more informed choice. Movak
  3. Has anyone tried the Special Orders Procedure in BC to get absinthe? It appears that they will import for BC residents. Movak
  4. From a general standpoint oxygen in contact with anything non-living is bad. It causes oxidization. It would probably break down the flavours in the liquor. My advice would be to keep them sealed in a cool dark place with a minimum of temperature changes and let them mellow. Movak
  5. Movak

    Ceramic Fountain

    Ok guys, stop hijacking my thread . Get you own thread. Movak PS. Still waiting for an answer to my queston about glass dimensions.
  6. Movak

    Ceramic Fountain

    Since I have yet to purchase an absinthe glass (bad me) I need to know how tall the glasses are and how much higher the spigot should be for a propper drip. Thanks, Movak
  7. By the way if anyone else is wondering about my avatar, that is me in my Klingon costume. Before anyone makes any snap judgements let me explain: I do own a Klingon uniform, I do live in a basement but the basement doesn't belong to my parents. The name of our group here in Victoria explaines why I do it. It is House Ghomchech which loosly translates to "drinking team". Check out our group IKS Bloodoath. Movak
  8. Movak

    Ceramic Fountain

    Things are comming along ok, pricing looks ok and I can get the spigots locally. I wonder what colour I should make them? Movak
  9. Thanks I really appreciate the help. I will need to do some work with them but they are a great start. In case you are wondering, I am looking into getting some shirts made and I would like an absinthe glass on the front. Movak
  10. I am looking for a line drawing of an absinthe glass for a project I am working on. Anybody have one? Movak
  11. I have a design for a ceramic fountain. No pictures yet as it is only in the concept stage right now. The general idea is a slip cast body with a wrought iron base. I am designing it for home use so it will be sized to handle 2 glasses at a time. I am asking because there will be some investment in time and materials to get things going. I do not want to start this if the production costs will be too high. I may even make the fountain in a kit form with the completed base, all hardware and an unglazed body. That way one could create their own personal design and get it fired at a local ceramics hobby shop. Any ideas would be helpful. Movak
  12. I was close. It was written in German. The post was more directed at Mr. Hill's claim that there is no definition of what absinthe is. I found a definition in law. Whether thay accept it is a different matter. Movak
  13. I looked into one of Mr. Hill's arguments that who are we to decide what absinthe really is. If he won't take out opinion how about German law. Here is a exerpt from German liquor laws. It is partially translated so a few words are still in german. Kind 423a Absinth Absinth is a Spirituose from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin or out a distillate of agricultural origin: A. with who courage herb (Artemisia absinthium L.) or its excerpts, in Connection with other plants or plant extracts such as anise, Fenchel and such a thing, is aromatized; B. by Einmai and distillation one manufactures; C. a bitter taste has and after anise or Fenchel smells; and D. in the case of diluting with water a cloudy beverage results in. Lets go through these one by one and see if Hills Absinth would be considered absinthe in Germany: A: Maybe. Hill’s has Artemisia absinthium and other herbs. B: Maybe. We don’t know the manufacturing process. C: No, Hill’s does not have the anise or fennel smell. D: No, Hill’s does not result in a cloudy beverage when diluted with water. So by German Law Hill’s Absinth would not be considered absinthe. A thought came to mind. Since, as the Hills web site claims, Hill's Absinth was popular during WWII and Czechoslovakia was occupied almost all the war, maybe the Hill's recipe was designed to get around the German prohibition. Maybe the recipe was as close as Hill's could be to real absinthe and still be legally sold. Movak
  14. I was just thinking about a Victoria get together. Just say when and where And I will be there. Joe