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  1. To confuse you even more, two bottles of the same exact booze might have different colors by the time you get them due to conditions during storage, shipping, and display. Yep. And let's not forget, without light, there's no color at all. It follows that light, ambient or otherwise, has all the influence in the world on the perception of color. Then there's the problem of film or digital cameras and computer graphics cards capturing and displaying color true to the original. I've had absinthe on the window sill with fluorescent light overhead, and described the color, and people have responded, WTF are you talking about? It's not that color at all. So I take it outside under the sun and it looks completely different. I've taken pictures of absinthe and had to use Photoshop to bring the color in the photograph to match the stuff in the bottle next to it.
  2. It's not that I cut out the name, it's that I only copy the sentence or phrase to which I want to respond, and paste it in the response box, then wrap it in quotes. If I copy the whole thing, I have the additional step of cutting out everything that's superfluous to the response I intend to make. It's more a labor-saving thing than anything else. See above. I don't think about it when I'm doing it (I certainly never think "I'm going to strip the name off of this"), but I do hold the view you describe about depersonalization. In my view if it's a well-expressed, or poetic, or accurate (whatever) phrase, the words speak for themselves and it doesn't matter who said it. It's not about disrespecting the poster; quite the opposite. Well, if you want to go back and read the REST of what he said, you're not trusting in my judgement of the little that was of importance in it. You trying to stir the pot? ARE YOU THREATENING ME? Just kidding. I'll consider what you said, but I'll commit to nothing. I'm pretty lazy.
  3. I remember the Cusenier document, which was revealing in more ways than one, and I remember the word, although I'm not sure one was connected to the other. Some French words (louche, for example) just don't translate and pretty much have to be left alone. There's an elegance to a lot of the old French documents in general that's hard to capture in English. On the other hand, without a French technical dictionary, it's hard to get ideas across over there when talking about details of alembics, etc. I do like that word; although it was new to me at the time, it's actually green tourmaline and has been in general use for a long time.
  4. Your two cents are very well taken, and I understand exactly what you're saying; wouldn't argue with any of it. At the risk of further ass kissing, I would say your insights are remarkable for a person with so few posts. I don't have any answers other than yes, there can be a lot of variation with craft products, and the nomenclature that reviewers use for absinthe is to a large extent recent, still evolving, and by no means part of an exact science.
  5. No doubt there are people who don't understand that it's not supposed to be an agree or disagree thing. No doubt there are some kneejerk reactions as well, just giving thumbs down because they don't like the reviewer or whatever. For what it's worth, I thought that review of BC was well thought out, and so did Eric - he and I just discussed it. Seems fair. The reviewer put his cards on the table, why shouldn't his critics?
  6. What's up with the thumbs down? First there was one, now two. Supposedly those indicate that the review was not helpful. But how does that help the reviewer, or anybody else, absent comments to explain the lack of satisfaction with the review?
  7. . Second time today I got that for an internal link here.
  8. I've been to Hammond, Laporte, South Bend, etc. many times. Until yesterday, I was under the impression the house from the film was in Laporte. Never been to Cleveland as best I remember. Could have been worse, it could have been in Indiana, but in Gary.
  9. Nice. I've spent a lot of time on that piece; I have the sheet music and tab, but the video below was way helpful. I can do all the parts on the Strat; the parts on the Les Paul not so much. You might want to play along with it on your mandolin, that would be cool.
  10. Ichi = Zatoichi. It was a short run TV show and a long (decades) series of movies. Ichi wasn't a samurai (thus the sword cane; non-samurai were not allowed to walk around with blades that were obviously blades), but a gambler. I love the Zatoichi films.
  11. On the remote chance that someone here doesn't know what we're talking about:
  12. Streaked to a water tap though. It takes your breath away, that's for sure. You know instantaneously when it hits your tongue that you failed to PTFA in a big way.
  13. Pastalaya. Had some at a wedding last weekend. There's hardly a feast around here without it anymore.
  14. Row, row, row yo hoe, gently down the stream ... Nope. That makes my heart beat too fast. Better to stick my oar in the air like a Viking under a good wind and maybe Freyja will smile upon me. Or better.
  15. I once took a sip of Windex by mistake. True story. I'm not going back to that if I can help it. Don't transfer fluids into unlabelled bottles at home, children. Took a sip of Hill's on purpose. Won't revisit that either.
  16. But there should be. In that closet. On view seven of seven, there's a reasonable facsimile of the inevitable technicolor yawn resulting from drinking that HG crustacean purgative:
  17. Beware of the meniscus, though, and "absinthe" that looks like Windex.
  18. I wasn't trying to make fun of you, just trying to give you an easier row to hoe. Keep in mind that those things are not cheap either, but the satisfaction of having an elegant and functional tool may linger after the pain of parting with $50 or so fades.
  19. Doorbell just rang here as well, and a box was handed over. "Fragile". Fra-jeel-ay. Must be Italian.
  20. That's the second time today I've been wrong. I thought that old fart was dead. The one in the center, I mean.