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  1. It's got a cute little girl with a bad case of the shits, but the fire is in the fireplace where it belongs. It's set in the late 1800s/early 1900s, in Provence I think. Very nice scenery.
  2. My Mother's Castle (French film) has the best absinthe scene of any modern movie. Accurate and funny. It's a good film to boot. A Myth Always Green has a comprehensive list of such films.
  3. A new moon is completely dark. Ask him to show his full moon.
  4. In all honesty, I think I've consumed more free absinthe than purchased absinthe. I forgot to mention 20th Century Rimbaud, who was very helpful in the early days, putting me on to Kyle, who was just about the only source back then, not that I ever ordered any Sebor. I opted instead for Bettina and a bottle of Deva :( . Then Spirits Corner was discovered and after tasting some of their wares I wrote the Spaniards off. Somebody made a Swiss connection and shared some, then I knew I was finally on the true path. Then came the HGers, and I wrote Europe off as well (except for European HGers). At about the same time, I attended a Jade coming out party (the original Thai Jade) and finally resolved in my confused brain the discrepancy between the wonderful descriptions in the old books and the mostly crap I had drunk, crap that can only give absinthe a bad name. Newbies don't realize in what promising times we live. A lot has changed in a fairly short time.
  5. I was sitting in a bookstore/coffee shop with a beautiful woman. There was a book rack close enough for me to see the titles. Conrad's book was there. I bought it. I forgot all about homebrewing. I got on the Internet, found Kallisti's site. I made some friends (Kallisti, Nephilim, Luger, Big Mango Don, Ted Breaux). At no time was I sucked in by anybody's pitch for commercial absinthe. I pursued old books about absinthe instead. I decided to play an absinthe expert on the Internet; fooled a lot of people, got a lot of free absinthe.
  6. It would be easy to pick it apart - just a few things that come to mind: Herring is of questionable manufacture at best, but more to the point, the scientist boys and girls had no clue and didn't care how it was made. They say the thujone results for Herring came from their own lab, but did they know what they were doing? Are the results accurate? They apparently accept from whatever source the outrageous (and impossible, if Ted is correct) claim for the thujone concentration in absinthes of a former time. They assume all absinthes from a former time were the same. They didn't test absinthe on humans - they rely on tests of thujone on animals.. They cite sensationalist crap from the 19th century as though it was handed down from God. I wipe my ass with such science.
  7. I'd rather just make stuff up, but newbie Ted may be interested ....
  8. Yes, Herring. It doesn't taste as bad as its name, but crappy it is. We talked about this at Fee Verte a couple of years ago - the blind leading the blind.
  9. I thought Ted was pretty clear on the show in saying it stays in the pot (the still). Just because it's in the maceration doesn't mean distillation will automatically extract it. There is no reason for them to care whether it's thujone free. They need to understand some things about thujone, not just whether it is or is not in absinthe. Your assumption there is completely accurate - when I saw a bundle of plants being shoved into the still, looked like roots and all, I had low hopes for the rest of presentation, as that scene was obviously staged. You only want the flowers if possible; leaves are okay, stems and roots aren't good for much.
  10. What Hiram said, and quite a bit more that I either wrote or influenced in some way. It's not exactly a paying job ...... Get A Myth Always Green, I didn't write it, but I did a lot of work on the English version. If you search the archives at Fee Verte, you'll find about 30,000 posts by me.
  11. I happened across it but turned it off when I saw the fire. It's a shame, if they had done their homework they could have met Ted Breaux.
  12. All the Chimay products are too estery for me - they give me a tremendous headache. That's inherent in the style, though, it's not a fault of Chimay. There's nothing burnt about Lambic, in fact, it contains a portion of grain that's not even malted, much less burnt. The defining characteristic of Lambic is sour, because of the open (to the air) fermentation that lets microflora other than yeast into the stuff.
  13. Dr. O responded to my offer to post for him at Fee Verte, but offered no posts. It's presumptuous of me to think people here would know who I am, so I'll say a little more: I'm a Cajun from Louisiana, I'm not young, but I am pretty, and I write stuff about absinthe, mostly for the Internet. Mostly I hang out at Fee Verte because I like it there.
  14. Doesn't Marc Campbell (Hippy MC from Fee Verte) live in Tucson? If that were him, it would be true he knows more about absinthe than most people, but he never made any effort to be anonymous and he's semi-famous anyway, so my guess is, not him. I wish he'd come back to some forum, though. A word about the tone at Fee Verte - a lot goes on under the surface. There have been many detailed discussions about the tone, to change it or to leave it alone. The old admins and the new admin like the tone the way it is, and some old hands go out of their way to help keep it that way, even if it's not always in their PERSONAL interest - people like to watch flame wars and people like to participate in them. Follow my avatar to its source at Flamewarriors (that site is a hoot!) and see what I mean. A lot of people would have assigned me a different and no doubt derogatory category, and that's fine. It's just the Internet.
  15. There's nothing better than being welcome. Thanks to all. Can I be a Ted groupie?
  16. I'm a newbie and I came here to get away from the mosh pits that so many absinthe forums have become. I understand that no trolling is allowed and I promise to behave.