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  1. I don't know them personally, but I discuss poetry translation with one of them from time to time on another forum. He's writing a book on absinthe in Finnish (The Muse of the Damned). He writes in English very well (as do you). Don't sweat the equipment; I don't have most of that stuff and I've been into it for 15 years or so. All you need is quality absinthe and clean water.

  2. Really. I'd have to put some on to take them off; I haven't worn shoes other than flip flops for years, exept to attend funerals. The Christmas theme attracted my attention; I had long forgotten having posted in it, but I didn't want to let a second opportunity to show Bill's brilliant work pass by. I don't remember anything about the absinthe; wouldn't talk about it anyway, so nobody ask, please.

  3. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. The best that can be done is to use period recipes and equipment. I'm still hoping for a time machine though. :devil:


    so having an vintage stove make you a good cook ?


    Succeeding in an macarons recipe by only having the ingredient too ?

    True. If you're doing a reenactment thing, period recipes and equipment would be the way to go, but otherwise, it's not necessarily the best that can be done.

  4. The way I see it,If Ted can do it,so can the Pernod corporation.

    That's not the issue. The issue is that Ted's business model is not remotely like theirs. Ted is passionate about absinthe. Mega corporations are passionate about profit for themselves and their shareholders.

    I think the point is that they don't have to.


  5. Giving the weight of the herbs themselves doesn't really translate into how this kit works.

    I'd be surprised if the weights of herbs that went into a distilled absinthe recipe translate into a mixture of individual herbal extracts based upon those weights (proportions). that would yield anything like a one to one correspondence between the mixed product and the distilled product, and that's leaving the coloring herbs, which are a whole different monkey, aside. It might be interesting to start with a protocol intended for mixing extracts. See, for example (but don't copy and post it anywhere, please), page 14 here:



  6. The only news I've received is that Pernod has apparently abandoned the idea of revamping the brand to create an elite, naturally colored absinthe.

    Just to avoid any confusion I've seen somewhere else: they have abandoned the idea of a premium quality absinthe but as I said on the previous page, the new improved Absinthe Pernod is already produced in France and has already been tasted by bartenders at TOTC.


    The question is; what exactly does "improved" mean? Can anyone shed any light on this?

    There's a discussion about the "Return of Pernod" here:


    that may shed some light, but not much, and a post or two actually links to here or references the discussion here. That people in France have to look to America for what Pernod is or isn't doing helps to illustrate the sea change that has taken place when it comes to absinthe.

  7. I can't believe they haven't bought out Ted. And then hire him as their Absinthe Supérieure master distiller. At least, that is how things are done in the industry I work in.

    There are other ways to do things. Ted explained some of them to me two days ago. At this point, there's a better chance of Obama hiring Newt Gingrich to get him re-elected, and of Newt wanting the job; I'll leave it at that.