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  1. I don't know them personally, but I discuss poetry translation with one of them from time to time on another forum. He's writing a book on absinthe in Finnish (The Muse of the Damned). He writes in English very well (as do you). Don't sweat the equipment; I don't have most of that stuff and I've been into it for 15 years or so. All you need is quality absinthe and clean water.
  2. I know a Finn or three who are well up to speed. https://www.facebook.com/Absinttikirja
  3. Really. I'd have to put some on to take them off; I haven't worn shoes other than flip flops for years, exept to attend funerals. The Christmas theme attracted my attention; I had long forgotten having posted in it, but I didn't want to let a second opportunity to show Bill's brilliant work pass by. I don't remember anything about the absinthe; wouldn't talk about it anyway, so nobody ask, please.
  4. I don't know about generous; if anything it was understated. What I had in mind at the time was this; I've never seen better:
  5. Goth fairy, meh. But she reminds me a little of Noodle. I might wear shoes with Noodle on them.
  6. From me too, and I don't even wear shoes.
  7. Blues Cat, overwatered on purpose with tepid water, washed down with smoked herring and Swedish crackers.
  8. I sure didn't get that out of it. I thought he meant that vintage equipment and a list of ingredients wouldn't make one a good cook, and he couldn't be more right about that.
  9. so having an vintage stove make you a good cook ? Succeeding in an macarons recipe by only having the ingredient too ? True. If you're doing a reenactment thing, period recipes and equipment would be the way to go, but otherwise, it's not necessarily the best that can be done.
  10. Maybe that's the source of the bad luck, but now that I think about it, maybe that was a bed (Drugstore Cowboy).
  11. That's not the issue. The issue is that Ted's business model is not remotely like theirs. Ted is passionate about absinthe. Mega corporations are passionate about profit for themselves and their shareholders. Exactly.