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  1. Many Thanks. It feels good to meander back through my old cyberspace stomping grounds...
  2. To Those I've neglected to return to in timely fashion, apologies. With my boss out of town and having to take the helm of the company for the entire summer and a new baby on the way, my days are spent in duties to either one or the other. WE'RE HAVING A BOY! His name is 'Dillinger Lee Harding'. His nursery will be decorated in a mix of 1940's and 50's tattoo art and pin-ups from Gil Evgren. My wife's co-workers have commented that with a name like that, he will either turn out to be a famous rock star or an infamous assassin. I keep my fingers crossed for the former... I hope this message finds you all in great stead... Lycaon
  3. The cherry-almond is a very sweet mild smoke. A great smoke to have when the ladies are around. The only other pipe tobacco that used to draw the ladies was a mixture I used to get 1 ounce of coco cavendish mixed with 1 ounce french vanilla. It would carry the aroma of fresh-baked vanilla-flavored brownies around any room I was in.
  4. I found a great tobacconist in Tucson that is the main supplier for all of my pipe tobacco. It's called 'Tinder Box'. They have a fine selection of pipe tobaccos. My favorites are; cherry almond and pistachio. Simply divine for a pipeful, nice and sweet aroma too. Though I can't smoke inside the house, my wife loves the smell of pipe tobacco. And the pistachio tobacco really compliments the taste of a nice glass of absinthe...
  5. My wife says you can substitute butter for margarine. And yes, the pie is loaded with pecans. Absolutely delicious...
  6. My wife got the recipe from my mother. This pecan pie recipe is a whole hell of alot lighter than regular pecan pie recipes, because there's no heavy corn syrup in the recipe. It took me awhile to find it: Pecan Pie: 1 - stick margarine, melted 1 3/4 - cup sugar 1/4 - cup flour 3 - eggs beaten well 1/2 - cup buttermilk 1 - teaspoon vanilla 1 - cup pecans 2 - instant pie crusts Add sugar & flour to melted margarine. Beat in eggs, buttermilk, vanilla & pecans. Pour mixture in pie crusts (this will generally make two pies). Bake pies 20 minutes at 375 degrees. Reduce heat to 300 degrees and continue baking for 40 minutes. After having this version of pecan pie I can assure you that no other pie will do...
  7. I just hope that it doesn't come out with horns like it's old man. Their so hard to cover up...
  8. Apologies for my long absence. It's been a pretty tough year. But I do have some great news. The wife and I are expecting our first child. She is about 14 weeks and the baby seems healthy so far. We can't wait to find out the sex. But either gender will do for me, I just want a happy, healthy baby...
  9. Lycaon


    Don't go sailing any time soon professor 'H'.
  10. I can't tell you how good those tequilas were. They went down smooth like silken skin on the tongue, no bitterness, no burn.
  11. Lycaon


    Of course if it were just carrying the bottles. That's why you sow the bottles inside of a dead midget...Duh! Do I have to think of everything?! Honestly!
  12. Which one of you has a knock-out recipe for margaritas. Post em and toast em!
  13. Lycaon


    Best bet, eagle. With a 16 foot wing span I don't think that a couple of bottles of absinth would be a big deal.
  14. I haven't been able to find a good tequila since the honeymoon cruise on the Mexian Riviera. We found a handsome little tequila bar and sampled the best tequilas they had to offer. After that, I was never able to find anything comprable...