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  1. Most honorable members, I have been very remiss in thanking you for the most gracious welcome. As a newcomer, I expect to gain great knowledge and wisdom from you all. I am I think like most of you, a seeker. I live in the state of Florida. I make my living as a nurse. The mystery of Absinthe beckons. Thanks again
  2. Thank you so much for the gracious welcome! I will do my best to bring honor and blessing to the Society.
  3. Returning from a cruise to the caribbean, I found a bottle of Absinthe in my suitcase. I found it to be a good thing. But I jumped into the Absinthe life as the Society suggests and found my choice was not good. The salesman assured me Customs would not question this brand and now after tasting it I know why(Kermann's). I hope for better in the future. Nice place you have here!