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  1. Eh!?? I'm halfway through the bottle....Have to slow down! I wanted to make this last more than a month.... Mine's clear by the way, with no cloudiness or bits floating in it....(I refer of course to the Balance, and not anything else ). Jeff.
  2. Hi again, well the Balance arrived about a week ago now. I've had a few glasses and very nice they were too. My dripper works a treat. Quite slow (I was worried it would stream through too fast to enjoy the louche). I'm using the dripper to 'pour' over the sugar cube on the spoon. It's neat because one full dripper is about the right amount for my prefered mix of 5-1. It'll take me a while to get through both the VDF and the Balance. My next bottle will probably be the Jade PF1901. That will be a treat! Let loose the louche Jeff.
  3. Yes Alyssa, happy as a very happy thing! Jeff.
  4. Hey folks! Hahaha! LDF has Duplais Balance now I've just ordered a bottle and dripper. I've been looking forward to this drink Why did I put a pirate on there? Because I like Pirates! Happy days ahead, sipping the green stuff Jeff.
  5. I got me a rope to string the scumbuckets up! Hope you're getting over it Alyssa. That's an awful story. Jeff.
  6. Hello good people, I'm sitting here in front of the computer, with my very first glass of absinthe, the VDF. I mixed it t about 5 to 1, as I'm not a lover of too potent a drink. Even then I was preparing myself for a bit of a bitter potent shock. Well, what a surprise I got! A lovely refreshing sweet drink, with a slight potency underlying it. This encourages me to try it with a bit less sugar next time. I have to say I'm a bit bowled over by it. A good anise taste, bloody good value and tasty too! I'm thinking this could be the start of something big :D Already thinking of further drinks to try. I'm having to force myself to savour it slowly and not just swig it. I can recommend VDF to any beginner who wants to try absinthe without breaking the bank. Cheers! Jeff.
  7. Hi Folks, my order of the VDF is arriving Monday I wait with baited spoon...... It's getting sent to my workplace, as I've suddenly been deluged with overtime, which is paying for my Absinthe order. Nice! I'll have to tie my hands behind my back to stop myself cracking it open at work and having a taste. We have a steady supply of ice and filtered water.....NO! I mustn't go there.... Jeff.
  8. The rapidly deteriorating Bournemouth, UK...... Jeff.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations Bluescan! I like the sound of the clandestine and Guy offerings. The payment method I favour is to use my bank card, but this only works with UK dealers unfortunately....At least I think so. Clandestine it is then! I shall order right away Jeff. P.S Hah! I've decided to get the fougerolles samplers and a couple of glasses instead. What an indecisive swine I am
  10. Wahey! Looks like we have a Tom Waits appreciation society forming Hmmmmm....Problems on the Duplais Balance front. The only place that seems to sell it is the German site Absinthvertrieb Lion. They take credit cards but not the method of payment I wanted. And I checked the LDF site, and they're out of stock of the Verte at the moment! I want to use LDF for this purchase so it looks like it might be one of the alternatives they offer. Any recommendations for a mid priced Absinthe for a first timer? I'm lusting hard for the green nectar :hyper: Jeff. And thank you all for the great welcome! Jeff.
  11. Thanks everyone! What a great welcome That's the trouble with being a raindog, lots of us about! I'm a Raindog who hasn't been here or at La Fee Verte before. Blame Tom Waits for it I've been a Raindog (at least on the net!) for the last 10 years or more Jeff.
  12. Thanks everyone! I must admit I like the idea of the three pack :D Money's the problem as usual :( I'm in the Uk so the postage shouldn't be so frightening I hope. I'm ordering the Duplais tonight, maybe with a couple of glasses. Exciting stuff! Jeff.
  13. Hello everyone, Thought I'd finally post a message after lurking about since December learning about the wonders of the Absinthe Fairy I'm ordering my first bottle soon, the Duplais Balance, partly because it seems well liked, and partly because of the connections of the drink to Jhon Balance, one of my musical heroes. I've never tasted Absinthe before, but years ago tried to get an idea of what it tasted like by experimenting with Pernod. Not very successful! Very interesting forum for me. Especially fascinating looking at the paraphernalia and gadgets around the drink. Might get one of those interesting see-saw Brouilleurs at some point too...Nifty! I hope I can look forward to a lifetime of discoveries with Absinthe Jeff.
  14. Hi Folks, I've lurked around for a while, and planned to lurk longer, but I just wanted to point out that some jerk has altered the Wikipedia page article, so instead of water being used to dilute Absinthe it now reads Urine.... As you can imagine this could give the wrong impression to people Enjoying the forums immensely by the way. Jeff.