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  1. I'm drinking some very nice washington state cabernet. Quite tasty.
  2. I have not posted here in years! What is wrong with me. Anyway, tonight I am drinking a really nice wine. Keplinger, "Lithic".
  3. It's a little under 2 ounces. A little more than a half ounce to get 3 drinks from a 50 ml sample.
  4. Wow, nice plants! Here in the valley there is fennel EVERYwhere. I'll get some pictures. It surrounds all the vineyards up on the mountain here, and is all along the roads. It grows like a...weed! :D
  5. That bottle just makes me think of hair tonic. The color, too.
  6. A beer sounds so good right now, but I have none. I think I'll make a sazerac. Always a good choice.
  7. Nice, I've been to Budapest. Loved it.
  8. Just be careful when you light them on fire.
  9. No, and I wouldn't run my wine through one either. You can achieve the same thing by simply swirling your glass.
  10. Hey that was cool. I'll pick up a bottle of Leopold Bros this weekend. Unfortunately I can't make it to Portland for the Marteau event this weekend. Maybe in December...
  11. I'm gonna go to JV wine and spirits and pick up a bottle of this to try.
  12. 2 glasses of White Cottage Syrah. The winery is around the corner from me, and they make some good wine!
  13. Yes GCMS, and it's common. All one has to do is submit a sample to a lab with the proper equipment to have it analyzed.