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  1. I've heard rumors as well. I'll see you all there.
  2. Thanks for all the regards and well wishes! As time creeps onward I just get older, no wiser.
  3. Gin!? How did I miss a new gin? A Martini masters own gin, now that has gotta be a winner. Congratulations J&J! The excitement is almost unbearable!
  4. Last night was a river side tribute to my buddy and included some Makers, Bushmills, a beer or two, some really really great absinthe, more Bushmills and, ??, whatever went down at the bar later. Hey, why is there chunks of partially digested food looking stuff on my carpet? Eeewww! No, I wasn't driving.
  5. Thanks Cary, Jay and everyone who's sent PM's. It's been tough. I think a fishing trip is in order today.
  6. The past few nights I've been hanging my head in a bottle of Makers Mark to try to forget the passing and remember the life of the man who taught me to love whisky. I taught him to appreciate absinthe, fair trade. Miss ya man. http://www.mtstandard.com/obits/obit.php?Id=20090622073241
  7. Hmm, don't know that I've seen that one yet. Where's it made Leroy? Is it the headstrong ale? Tonight I think I will sample a few samples that landed on my doorstop last week. I've already been damn impressed by a blanche that was thick, wormwoody and juicy.
  8. Yah, bloodbath is an apt description. Tuesday is a whole new day though. Another different verte for me. Wow, there sure are some artists with a still out there.
  9. I have a feeling you'd get along just fine with them. Wow! What a lucky bunch of home brewers. I'd love to be crawling home from that meeting. Tonight a new to me and very well crafted verte. Last evening I drowned my sorrows over the Penguins "game" with some raspberry pyment. Absolutely delicious and nothing like commercial mead.
  10. I had a Makers with dinner and a few beers now. All this talk of mead makes me want to open a bottle of raspberry pyment I so generously got from friends last week. *wave* Hmm, that could be my beverage of choice to watch the game tomorrow. Oh and Hi Silent. *wave*
  11. Mat was received and I am glad for the short time we had together. Meeting fellow W.S.'ers is always a treat and Mat is really a class act. Of course Mat and I had to have some absinthe, a glass of awesome blanche and I'm continuing with another while Mat travels on. It was great to met you Mat! Here's to a safe journey man.
  12. Had a few PBR's tonight while listening to the Penguins sweep the Hurricanes, go Pens.
  13. Oh no! A new gin to try, sounds lovely! And some coffee to be avoided at all costs!