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  1. Come to actually think of it, I'm not sure I ever once thanked you for WS. Thank you.
  2. Kallisti and H_P forget to pay the server bills? I know they kind of washed their hands of it, but they left the lights on at least... Seems no more. Sad...
  3. Happy "a bit early" birthday, old friend.
  4. I've always thought of fennel as a grainy (as in malty, but not sweet) version of anise. It's probably bar none my favorite flavor, because it rounds out a lot of otherwise uni dimensional absinthes.
  5. Likewise. You should check your sig for moar info. I'm not even sure I understand it. WierdTM... I see you are also on feeverte. Now, that is the real ghost town, I subscribed some months ago, but my subscription never completed, I can't post anything. I sent messages to the admins and no one answered. I'm a newcomer to absinthe, but I'm realising that we are at the end of a cycle, at least in forums. BTW the product offering is now very rich. This is not an area where brave new things can keep coming and keep people excited. Cogently stated and pleasure to meet you. I would add and ask though, if the offerings truly are there, then why are we seeing little in the way of local market penetration? I go to my local liquor store and it is a small miracle if I see a bottle of Kübler on the shelf. It suits me just fine, although I can almost hear the keyboard groans for saying such of a 'pedestrian' La Bleue. It had been my sincerest hope that in a post-ban era, we would see a cultural restoration akin to that of early 20th century Europe, or at least something approximating it. Maybe, and I say this hoping management would abide the impending pseudo-political talk just this once, we're simply too tied up here in the US on farm subsidies for herbs used in the creation of absinthe to make economic sense for the consumer. While I take the argument that a bottle is 'expensive', it would seem that a liter of absinthe could conceivably be distilled for far less than it is. The other side of the coin there is demand of course, and taking the forums as indicators could mean that it simply isn't there, which could infer a cultural problem, a lack of interest or simply a lack of desire. Maybe its just as simple as the troglodytes arrived first and soured anyone who could conceivably be involved on the experience. The movie 'Euro Trip' comes to mind.
  6. Is it really a price point product? Lack of culture? Lack of craft support? Personal preference? Hard to understand, given the events of the 00's... I truly expected a bit more of a 'Renaissance'. This of course to say nothing of forum activity, which is practically nonexistent...
  7. A perfect segue, cuz I'm kinda here to cut you a little.... Don't be mad, OK?
  8. The truly elite chew tar, or a mint-flavored pitch. You should see the international chewing competitions; There are some elite dudes there.
  9. Holy Nostrilla, Batman!!! And what G said! Care to trade post counts?
  10. Quite well, thanks! How about you? But then again, what do you expect from people just looking for a mind expanding experience?
  11. It came up in my FB feed, after I scrutinized the pic, I noticed this little gem at the bottom: for experts only I have to say, that tickled me quite well. How that little tidbit managed to elude me still baffles.