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  1. LOLLOLOLOLLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!111!!!one!!!
  2. Thanks guys. It was a good birthday. Though I can't remember much of it because the walls were melting.
  3. They're watching....:ninja: Band sounds ok... I did better sound engineering with my 8track...
  4. I was attempting to avoid that easy "Oh Snap" on the FV thread. Glad someone went for it.
  5. Actually I watch a movie maybe once every two months. Perhaps my brain is compensating.
  6. I've had dreams like the not normal ones you describe, Hiram. Not exactly reacurring dreams but ones that are kind of a movie series ya know? A few times I've had them with credits and soundtracks.
  7. No problem, brudduh. Yeah maybe a mod could split this topic. I'm sure at least a few people on here have just as strange, if not moreso, dreams whether they have to do with absinthe or not.
  8. Poltergeist washingmachines: The whole dream consisted of me going to the high school I graduated from with my old manager from DQ (haven't seen/heard from him in oh 3 or 4 years). It was some sort of drinking party and I had brought a bottle of some sort of absinthe with me (who knows what it was, but the bottle was about the size of a 2L). Anyway upon arriving at the school, the poltergeist washingmachines began following me. I was more annoyed with the noise than anything else. My bottle of absinthe was empty (guess that's what I get for bringing that). My manager and I drove back to a shithole shack I used to live in and then the washingmachines disappeared. The front door kept unlocking itself. I fought with the nothing outside for a good 5 minutes relocking the door and holding it closed. Basic emotion was annoyance and a desire to beat the poopy out of the invisible force. Suddenly the door disappears and there's some girl standing about six inches away from me. She had a likeness to Samara from The Ring... 'Cept neither asian nor creepy. She said "are you going to let this go or not?" Then I awoke in a cold sweat. Figure that one out and I shall applaud you.
  9. You mean the ones about poltergeist washingmachines, dogs turning into demons, purple mannequin heads awaking to laugh at my being alive, and giant bacteria that is immune to everything but mercury? I have those with or without absinthe.
  10. I have hard times sleeping too. Absinthe doesn't put me out, but about 7 or 8 beers will. I also find it a LOT harder to get drunk off of absinthe despite the high proof. Might have to chalk that up to secondfaries though.