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  1. Welcome Artemis- Good you give us some links where we can see your work? tks Sur5in
  2. Good point. Would not want to screw up a good thing! Sur5in
  3. Does not sound like there has been much done on the topic. I did find a web page about the Thirsty Traveler episode in question. Looks like they have some air dates coming up this month. Ill have to try and catch it. The pieces you have seen. Did they focus only on the History of Absinthe or did they cover the "current scene"? I think a mix would be interesting. An Absinthe past and Present piece. I think the underground movement (if I can go so far as to call it that) aspect lends a bit of mystery and excitement to the subject. Well im going to try and put something together. Ill let you all know when I get a one sheet written up, I would be interested in hearing everyones opinion on different angles to approach the subject. Sur5in-
  4. ShaiHulud, Thanks for the greating, I noticed there was another Montanan here and went back and read some of your posts. Although I am a big Bobcat fan (g) I still have a few friends in Missoula and get up that way a couple of times a year. Its a nice city, and If I were not in Bozeman Id probabbly be there. Im getting a little off topic here but a while back I read up on a Liqueur called Damiana that is highly touted as an aphrodisiac. Its from Mexico and Central America and is a herbel concotion made primary from the leaves of the damiana herb (go figure). Apperently The Damiana herb has been used in those regions for many centuries for its varios "healing" properties, supposedly dating back to the time of the Myans. An interesting corelation to the woormwood history. Its bottle is even in the shape of a pregnanat woman. I tried it about a year and a half ago with some friends. While the majority consensus was that it did have some aphrodisiac effects, I wish I had controlled the experiment a bit closer and not told anyone about its supposed properties. Maybe everyone was just drunk and randy because they thought they were supposed to be drunk and randy? Anyway if you like Tequila (like I do) its a tasty one, so no great loss even if you dont feel anything. Plus its readily available in the US. Although its certainly no substitute for the subject at hand-
  5. Is anyone aware of any recent documentaries about absinthe? I think it would be a fun project to put together and its kinda what I do so Im thinking about putting together a proposal and seeing if any networks are interested. Thats of course if the topic has not been done recently. Thanks Sur5in
  6. That sounds about right, although all of our head shops have been chased out of town by the conservative majority, they remain a bit wacky you just have to drive to the city limits now. Thanks for the warm welcome. For a bunch of elitists you all seem surprisingly congenial. Most of my question have been answered by searching around here but Ive yet to see anything to justify or dispell the alleged aphrodisiac effects of absinthe. What say you? Fact or Fiction? Heres to hoping I dont have to buy any more ground Rhino horn.... :hyper: Sur5in PS for some reason people assume my name is pronounced "surfing" unfortunattly we have very few big waves in Montana, I like to say that it is pronounced with the "hard 5" or surviving-
  7. Hi all. New to the forum, new to absinthe. I actually tried my first taste a few months back. It was a bottle of Fruko Schulz that a friend brought back from Amsterdam. It was produced in the Czech republic so based on my reading and lurking around here Im going to assume that it was no good, although I had no previos experiences to base it against. Anyhow it did succeed in sparking my curiosity and eventually leading me here to dig deeper into the world of Absinthe. Ive enjoyed learning about it and it has sparked some great conversations with my friends, all of whom had the same misconseptions about the drink as I did. What an interesting history and culture! Im preparing to make my first purchase and am excited to try some real absinthe in the traditional fashion. I thought I would try a bottle of Blanche de Fougerolles 74 and one of the Verte de Fougerolles 72 for starters. I do have a 30th Birthday coming up at the end of the year so if my experience with the first two bottles is as enjoyable as I expect it to be Ill probabbly dig a little deeper into the pocked book for one or two of the more expensive bottles. The Jade Verte Suisse 65 seems to be pretty highly reccomended around here. A little about me- I live in Bozeman Montana where I have a film production company. We do mostly long form documentaries in natural history and wildlife, and the occasional commercial project. I thought it was neat that this society was formed nearby, somplace I actually get to on occasion to see a concert or visit with some friends that are in the Seattle area. Great job on the forum by the way. Really one of the nicer looking ones Ive seen before, and your faqs for newbies are very comprehensive. Your efforts are not going unnoticed! Well thats it in a nutshell. Ill let you all know how the first round goes! Thanks for listening to me ramble- Sur5in