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  1. Don't worry, Wyoming believes in you. I'd send a postcard but the mailman's horse died.
  2. Last time I had any, the cork was about as liquid tight as your average kitchen sponge. Left it on its side by accident and the contents started to dissolve the wax. That being said I seem to recall Coulin was shockingly bitter, but in a very pleasant way that I rather liked. You've gone and made me miss the stuff now. P.S. Sorry for the months old thread necro.
  3. Long time no see, everybody Just thought I'd crawl out from under my rock to mention that there's a brief write-up on Absinthe in the March 09 issue Bon Appetit. Including a delightful picture of a pontarlier glass topped with the good old flaming sugar cube. I called their subscriptions department, yelled "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG!" and hung up the phone. Or at least, I thought about doing that.
  4. They're not too bad at all. The perique component in the American Spirits is actually faily low, as I understand it. I think I've heard it sits somewhere around one or two percent of the tobacco blend, tops, providing I remember right. Perique is a really nice "spice" tobacco. If you really like that note and ever considered smoking a pipe, McClelland tobacco's frog morton on the bayou is a nice blend containing perique.
  5. Well its only about 9 months late, but those books are swell. If you haven't yet, you should find yourself a copy of "Whitechapel Gods," by SM Peters.
  6. At the time the Savoy was first published (the 30s I think?), wouldn't it be fairly likely that the Cusenier Oxygenee would have become a pastis or other anise product? I know that Cusenier was making a white anise spirit under the Oxygenee label during the 60s, at least, as Hartsmar mentions it on his website. Because of that I would think a blanche would be an appropriate choice, so the Kübler ought to be fine. I might have to pick up some creme de menthe and give this a try.
  7. It doesn't, Absomphe, and neither do I. You've hallucinated the whole thing. Actually, though, the website that was hosting my image is on hiatus. As soon as I've picked out a new one, I'll find a place to put it.
  8. Maybe they were afraid they'd summon up captain planet or something. Gah. What an article though. Still, press is press, I guess.
  9. In the interest of the safety of all our children's toes we must BAN ALL REPLICA GUNS! And everything else that weighs more than 3.4729 oz. For the greater good! Also, in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, another one: La "Fey?" It gets better. It would seem one meaning for the term 'Fey' is, "doomed to die." Yum. Makes me want to drink right up!
  10. Well it might be a smidge late in coming by now, but I had the same problem with a pipe of mine, Pete. Depending on the dimensions of your stem, you might be able to get a replacement from the J. H. Lowe Smoking Pipe Repair Parts co., barring a replacement being available from the manufacturer. Unfortunately for me, I misplaced the damn pipe bowl before I could get the stem ordered.
  11. Same here. Rumours of my demise (should there be any) are greatly exaggerated. Other things are keeping me occupied but I wanted to say I miss everyone and will try to pop in when its possible. Take care!
  12. Awesome. Thanks, chief! Incidentally, I thought I read once that elcampane can be used to make a blue dye similar to indigo.
  13. They're 16 ounces, which is a pint, or roughly in the neighbourhood of 50cl or so. Naturally, one wouldn't have to fill it all the way, but with a glass of that capacity I'm concerned with stuff like whether or not the mouth would be too large to accommodate a spoon or the like.
  14. I was poking through an old restaurant supply catalog I found in the trunk of my car and saw these neat looking glasses. I think I saw something that looked a lot like them in one of the old glass brochures that are on Oxy's site. They're intended for commercial use so they're probably pretty hefty, and they look pretty slick, but at 16 oz. capacity, are they too big to be practical for absinthe? Have a look.