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  1. Thanks Brian, I'll look her up one weekend, been real busy with the move, finally starting to have free time again. If you get down this way give me a shout, working at the airport has its advantages. Santiago is a nice place to thaw out, been sunny with 80 degree days and 65~70 degree nights. The fruit is coming into season also, HUGE watermelon for $6.
  2. Moved again, Santiago Chile for 3 to 5 years depending on good behavior and tolerance level. So far there is no Absinthe scene here. The only bottles I've seen are Pere Kermann Have not tried any mail order yet but that may be the only way. Been enjoying the wine and pisco.
  3. From a recent visit to Hasegawa liquors. Interesting is that some of the bottles in the picture are opened and you can get samples on the spot, one visit late afternoon there were several office boys there getting a preload for the evening. They have a nice selection of single malts also.
  4. That was a special new years, first time the earth ever moved for me. 12 floors up, woke me up, why is my bed moving ? watched the lights do a hula and the building actually creaked..... I initially thought it was what I drank but the coat hangers rattling did not get any so whats up with them. Lasted about 45 seconds, went back to sleep. JMA
  5. Yes its that time again. Happy new year from Tokyo. On a little work expedition here for 2 months. The WS came through again ! Absinthe in other cities, Hasegawa liquors, still there and even with the poor exchange rate a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier was had for somewhat reasonable cost. Was my first bottle of this and it is quite good, so
  6. Try some Mimolet Veille or Tete de Moine, both are somewhat sharp and have a unique taste.
  7. C'est arrivee ! Got the first one out of the box at store 101 this afternoon .
  8. Checked state liquor store 101 at noon, -0- Pacifique in stock Per the clerk on duty "maybe next month" seems the shipment went to a central recieving point and gets forwarded to the individual stores from there. But store 101 had several cases of Marteau, Kübler, Lucid and for those into lesser brands Le Torment, Absente.
  9. Congrats Zman, not going to quit your day job I hope. I'm planning on stopping by the 4th ave store this Saturday, and if I get a bottle I might need some "light duty" for a while
  10. I vote the plastic brouille for a McGuyver award. Mindshifter, the bubble glasses are simply amazing. I do not recall seeing any like some of those you have collected in my 4 years of scouring Paris brocant's. To you and your collection
  11. Hazmat by air is very dangerous and expensive - especially when caught with undeclaired hazmat. Your money is now my money 70% alchohol has been listed for quite a while. Current regs Less than 1% of all shipments are searched/verified. Shippers take the risk of losing their carrier and legal action if caught. Most of the finds are because of leakage/poor packaging. Carry on is hazmat also and if caught and Uncle Sam wants to example you, well it wont be cheap.... If you must carry undeclaired, please package it well so when the carry on rock collection is thrown on top of your backpack by turbulence the precious fluid will not escape and run onto the top of a hot lighting ballast and ignite creating a fire on the airplane (and probably over your head/seat) This has happened.
  12. Zman, if you need a taste tester let me know. My affair with the fairy is going on 7 years now Congrats on the launch, of course we expect to be kept updated and provided free samples of all formulations.
  13. WOW what a find, a HG before there was HG....
  14. I believe that craft brewries are experimenting with other types of bittering because of the price and availability of quality hops. I seen springboard at a local store but passed at first look, there will be a revisit to that store in the future.