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  1. About Maruks' courier option: So your suggestion is to only use vendors with a gauranteed courier option? Will keep this in mind.
  2. Sorry for the late update, but I've been moving and don't have internet at home yet; so I am at work and need to keep this short. Markus said that if I 'return to sender' he will return the cash minus what it cost to ship back (tks again Markus). I have yet to recieve something form customs so that I can ship it back, however the paper in my empty boxes said 'within 15 days'; so I'm counting down. MASTERPC: I'm interested in this. PM me or something and let me know how this works. Thanks for all of the support guys. Appreciated.
  3. Ops, I made a mistake. The cheaper one is 'priority', my bad.
  4. Negative on both accounts. As I was aware the fault was not Markus', I wanted to see what was said here before I bothered contacting him directly; I suppose that wasn't necessary. The letter from customs stated that I should be receiving another letter in 15 days, perhaps (hopefully) this is the letter of which you speak. Understood, tks. Edit: I have just emailed Markus.
  5. Salutations, I was wanting to share my first experience and hopefully get some input as well. I was researching absinthe for Christmas gifts. After finding this site and reading through it, I decided to order from Markus. I ordered 2 sets of 'pack 25', which includes Kübler, Duplais and a spoon. As I was splitting the orders, I also added a third spoon. Markus was very helpful. I accidentally chose the wrong (more expensive) shipping choice; it is important to note that the cheaper shipping method was explicitly called 'courier'. When I noticed this I emailed Markus and he refunded my cash. When the package arrived the box was curiously lightweight. When I opened it, all it had was the spoons, packaging and 2 empty Kübler boxes. Needless to say, after getting nothing for my 1st try and 200 bucks, I am weary. So I note that, in reference to someone worrying about their shipment, Hiram had stated: Also, I have seen information mentioning: those who seize 'destroying' the absinthe or Markus no longer insuring shipments; so the combination of this quote and these other instances are somewhat contradictory. Also, I see information stating the petitioning is useless. I am simply disappointed and will be more so on Christmas when I have spoons and empty boxes to offer my loved ones. I would like to order again, but currently I don't have another 200 bucks to throw away. I'm unsure that I will order from Markus again. Don't get me wrong, I was very pleased with him as a merchant and read nothing but praise about him, but I don't want to risk taking another loss. I look forward to your replies.
  6. Well, I started my absinthe research I was looking to get my father and girlfriend something unique; needless to say that I would get a taste of both of these 'gifts'. My father and I have made various types of beer/mead/stuff and enjoy experimenting with that process. We find that we are both growing in pallet for various alcohols and I thought this would be a natural progression for us. Initially, my girlfriend lead me to the Czech stuff. Luckily I found this community.