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  1. Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome and I added some info to my profile.
  2. Hey there all! I am very excited to have found absinthe and this forum. Sadly, I had never heard of absinthe until about one month ago. However, I was determined to find out about it, and this is how I came to your site. Between the FeeVerte site and this forum I was well-prepared for my foray into the real world in search of the green fairy. I avoided the newbie pitfalls of such things as (yikes!) do-it-yourself ebay recipes. In the end, I decided on Emile 68 from one of your recommended vendors and (jiminy cricket) was it here fast. It took a long while to come to that decision (as opposed to starting off with a Jade), but I tell you about that later.
  3. Hi! Let me just begin by saying that this forum has been great wealth of information. At first I was merely a bit intrigued by absinthe, but now I am hooked! Newbie...not for long.