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  1. That was my experience as well. It's a real thing. But hey, I'm glad more people haven't experienced it. It kind of sucked. Edit: My posts aren't about St. Antoine, or any specific brand. It's happened with three different brands (all of which are pretty highly regarded, and are not known to have weak louches). I don't think it has anything to do with the batches, but rather what happened to the bottles either in shipping or in storage. The temperature fluctuations in my house seem like the most likely culprit in my case, but I have no science to back that up. I have definitely experienced what Phoney is talking about though, and I don't overwater.
  2. I think it's the condition in which it's stored. The house I rent is very poorly insulated, and temperatures fluctuate wildly. No matter how careful I am in storing my bottles, they are affected by temperature changes and I've had this happen with a few different brands. Most of the time they'll louche normally, then later not at all. Later still, they louche again. It's bizarre, but it's definitely nothing to do with the quality of the brands.
  3. Exquisite corpse reviver?
  4. Thank you! I'm only an hour away, so I'll be happy do my part to make sure they keep carrying them, especially Pacifique.
  5. All in all, that's still a good dilemma to have. I would hate to be in an area where you can't get Pacifique or Marteau or have them shipped to you either. Even in my part of the state, I can't get them in a local store and that's almost reason enough for me to move (when you live on the eastern side of the state, any reason is good enough to move though ).
  6. Washington state charges a 20.5% liquor tax plus a $3.77/liter tax, and those prices aren't included on the sticker price. Just so you're not shocked when you get to the register. The sticker prices are generally lower than you'd see elsewhere, because of the tax not being included.
  7. The new My Bloody Valentine album and Roquette. After nearly 22 years since the last album, my expectations weren't that high. It's a great album, though. Roquette followed by Pacifique makes an excellent accompaniment. http://youtu.be/wVScYBuqpDw
  8. I've had a pretty bad day today, so I probably shouldn't have posted when I did anyway. So back on topic, which is the vendor itself, I like that they carry some things that LdF has, and vice versa. It becomes more of a choice based on what I want to order instead of picking a favorite vendor.
  9. Well, I'm glad some people waited for me to chime in before the exasperation was vented. I don't remember asking a question and I thought my post was generally positive. I never said I had a problem with the vendor, and I'm going to order from them again.
  10. Didn't realize I was whining. But okay, I will take it elsewhere. Sorry to offend you. Though it sometimes seems some people just have to exist to offend other people.
  11. My order cleared customs in S.F. on the first of September, but no package or updates since. I'm not that far away, but oh well. All the extra time it takes before I get it is time I'm not drinking it, so it's going to last longer. I'll order from LdF next (it's been way too long since my last order there), but I'll always order from Absinthes.com too because they have Serpis 65 and the liter bottles of Duplais. Nostalgia and value are a heck of a combination.
  12. Oh yes! Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky? is the album that got me into them.
  13. My wife and I just watched that a couple of nights ago. We're going through the two Herzog boxsets over the next few weekends.
  14. I guess if you're used to sipping high proof spirits it would seem like the right ratio. When he got to the Adnam's he said "Arguably the fullest flavored..." Well, when there's a visible red unlouched line sitting at the top of the glass -- there you go. It's sad. This could have been a great video if he got just a few more (important) details right. It's amazing that he got a lot of the minutia down, but botched the things that will actually help his viewers enjoy the drink.
  15. Not everyone can successfully differentiate between wants and needs. Well done!