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  1. Well it makes sense that Big Boi was the one "doing" the absinthe.... and apparently acting the fool... Andre is very reserved and health conscious, it would be out of character for him to be "doing absinthe"
  2. HILLARIOUS! sounds like the sounds from the apalachian church of the snake handlers! thanks for the big laugh Hiram!
  3. thanks for the good wishes. I'm sorry I've not been active recently, but i've been reading along the way.
  4. I will be visiting Pontarlier, France in a few weeks (in conjunction with other business in the Alsace region) and I'm just wondering if there is any chance this will be available at any retail establishment in that area or is this an exclusive deal with this distributor? Just curious about what is available in retail establishments (other than what is produced by the distilleries there) in that area if anyone can shed light on this I'd appreciate it.
  5. Saw this on ebay. I thought it was strange and looks to me like someone has packaged information easily gathered with a simple search and is trying sell it. I guess P.T. Barnum was right... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6154851658&rd=1
  6. I was right.... I did hear the collective groan of the WS Forum members... I think they really didn't do any research... They simply relied on the guest to show the host around New Orleans and spout off his "wisdom." Just more misinformation spouted as fact.
  7. Greetings All--- As I travel extensively with my job, I often find myself in hotels with nothing better to do than peruse the cable channels. (At home I don't have cable.) Last night, I was watching a program on the Food Network where they were featuring different cocktails in New Orleans. They mentioned Absinthe and I was curious as to what they would show and how they would describe the drink. To my chagrin, they began to describe it as a very potent alcoholic beverage made from hyssop, anise and other herbs that is aged in wormwood casks. Somehow, the wormwood leeches into the drink giving it "thujone" which was explained as being chemically equavilent to marijuana. Next they discussed the "ritual"-- the bartender already had absinthe spoons atop wine glasses with a sugarcube on top. He proceeded to pour the absinth over the sugarcube and then, you guessed it, lit it. He then poured water over the sugarcube rather quickly and then the host and guest began to drink. So now even more people will be mis-educated by the friendly folks at the Food network. I'm glad I've learned enough reading this forum and FV to know better! I thought if you didn't see this on TV you would at least get a chuckle out of how it was protrayed.
  8. Hiram asked "Is it time for me to do an acronym guide for the n00bs?" I would say yes... As a n00b and a novice one at that, I can follow one or two, but when they come like alphabet soup it is difficult to follow. I think when it is most confusing is when comparisions are being made. I realize that the more fmailiar I become the less confusing the acronyms will be. Everything takes time.
  9. Thanks for this information. As far as Amsterdam is concerned, the absinthe was a longshot there. I will enjoy the city and other pleasures offered in abundance there. Colmar is the only city in France where I will be staying. I'm doing two lectures there and then will have time for some sightseeing. Colmar, in the Alsace region, is about a two hour drive from the distilleries. I think now I will have a nice day trip planned. It will be nice to have a friend/translator along for this adventure. Unfortunately I won't be getting back to Paris on this trip. But I do travel to Europe occasionally for fun. This trip happens to mostly business (thus the locations) and a little time for fun. I will also be in Sweden (Stockholm area) and then in Manchester, England before returning home again. Should I find some libations that I want to ship home could someone kindly email me recommendations of the best courier or mode of transit to use? I'm looking forward to this. Ompir
  10. Thanks guys-- I've been reading at FV and I think I'll continue to read there. I'm not one that likes to embarrass myself in a "public" forum so rest assured I will think twice before stepping out on a limb over there. I've seen some people make a mistake and pay a hefty price for it. I understand how tired you knowlegable people must get hearing the same questions over and over. And, I understnad why you "take them to the woodshed" in short order. I have glanced at the LL a few times, but I don't think thats my flavor. Just seems a bit too rough for someone like me right now. After I've become more well versed in the ways of Absinthe, I may join the fray. In the work that I do, I hear the same questions over and over, year after year. I am gald that I am paid to hear them and answer them as though I have never heard them before. I don't leave for Europe until March, so I have some time to do some more investigation and to read and enjoy the witty reparte on here.
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I have to say, the bad news comes as no surprise to me. I was just being hopeful. Alas, I may have to try some of the dregs of the Absinthe world but it will no doubt make me appreciate the better ones that I will eventually try. As for the other Atlanta members... I've made an initial contact with one of them. As far as I know, we do not know one another (or at least I don't know them) but hopefully we can meet. I am looking forward to learning more from you knowledgeable folks on here.
  12. I decided to intorduce myself today. I have been reading the forum for a while and joined a few days ago. I live in Atlanta, GA so I am not local to your group, but I've found this site to be most infomative and helpful in my quest for information about Absinthe. I have known of Absinthe for quite some time but never really bacame interested in it until my curiosity was piqued about year and a half ago when watching an episode of Crossing Jordan. A young man died from mysterious causes and it turned out that he had been drinking Absinthe sent to him by his mother in the the Czech Republic. (Please note that I am aware that this "Absinthe" is not highly regarded here). At any rate, my best friend and I plan one big vacation each year and last year we planned on going to the Czech Republic and Hungary. One thing we were going to do was sample some Absinthe. Alas, that trip was postponed, but my interest seemed to continue. I had thought about ordering some Absinthe online. Of course, the first ones that I located were Czech. I looked at the price and was surprised to say the least. Not knowing anything aobut quality or the differences in it, I thought the King of Spirits would be best. Mercifully, I ran across a couple of forums and was spared the disaster of that purchase. Now I know better and I'm looking forward to my first sip of a much better Absinthe. I will be in Europe for a month this year and I'm getting some feelers out to find where to sample some different brands while I'm there. I will be in Amsterdam for a few days and I'm hopeful to find some bar that offers some variety, or at the least some varieties not from eastern europe. I will also be spending some time in Colmar, France. If anyone knows where, in that area, to try some, I'd be most interested in hearing from you. I guess that may be more information than you'd like, but now the introduction is done. I'm looking forward to becoming more educated. You all seem to be quite the educated group and are honest with your reviews and thoughts about the Absinthe that is available today. Thanks