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  1. Oh, just for you, I'll make it two. Hiram, if that's my present, I'll be right over... Absomphe: Your gift last year was substandard. Try harder! :P Shai: That was cuddling hillarious! Awesome! To everyone else, thanks! I have been a total stranger, here and everywhere else...
  2. Skeeter

    Old friends

    Let's just say that his avatar has a wagging tounge for a reason.
  3. Skeeter

    Old friends

    I do like cuddling. Take that as you will. Back to the original thread, yeah, that picture was a good time. It was so intense, it took another fest to recover from it. France was really cool. I want another drink.
  4. Skeeter

    Old friends

    It used to be a word filter, now I just like it better. I don't honestly know if one is still there. Nope. It's gone. It is good I censor myself.
  5. Skeeter

    Old friends

    Then tell him to pick up his cuddling phone once in a while. Oh, and no one is more surprised to see me remember than I. I seem to remember Goose pouring me into the car, with considerable effort.
  6. Skeeter

    Old friends

    Gonna be a while, huh?
  7. Skeeter

    Old friends

    Last April, If I remember correctly. There was so much drinking... It was a hell of a time. And Shai, when are you going to get off your duff and make it back over here again? And the non-muffin dropping rear (better) half?
  8. On special request from Shai, Live in the Northwest, It's Skeeter! Just kidding. I just don't do much with computers anymore. I am looking into going back to school and have been spending much time with my son. That's about it. I keep up with the upcoming events forum and try to make all of them I can, but...
  9. I have met two of those gentlemen. They WOULD have shot. They are from Texas, you know.
  10. In order of judged taste and quality. As Gertz said, the processes and recipes have differed as time went on. Traveller, I am not knocking Portugal's absinthe scene in any way, but saying that a recipe made in 1960 is the same as one made in 1900 is ridiculous. Unless it is the same ingredients and base alcohol, it won't be the same.
  11. Am I too late to wish a happy one to you too?
  12. So, Montana has the calendar... Happy Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary!
  13. I have also had "Absinthe Industriel", made by a very knowlegable person, from UDSA food grade essential oils as an oil mix. After one taste, smell really, but I tasted a sip, it louched like hell in the sink. It was BAD. I liked the hellboy better, but I was REALLY drunk at the time.
  14. Howdy... Too bad you're not in Vancouver, it's only an hour from here. But, there's always the 25th...
  15. "one fooking inch of zheese..." I actually talked to him one day. Seemed nice.