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    Abandoned buildings, absinthe, antiques, architecture, artisan endeavors, BBQ, blues, botany, cheese-making, cider, cigars, cocktails, coffee, cooking, dead things, distilling, dying arts, Freemasonry, the French Quarter, gardening, Gnosticism, jazz, making things, metal working, my kids, old books, peacocks, plants, reading, Skyline Chili, the smell of leather, smoking meats, tobacco, Trinity, truth, Turkish cigarettes, vintage stuff, Wales, whiskey, wine, women, woodworking.

    Not necessarily in that order.
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  1. Gwydion Stone

    Pet Thread

    We have two cats, Murphy and Nola, and a pit bull named Lexi:
  2. Gwydion Stone

    Anybody want a free glass & dripper?

    Seriously? No one picked up on this? I'd love to have it if the offer is still good.
  3. Dashers come in different sizes. Some have really tiny apertures, some larger. Mine gives me around 1/10 tsp per dash. You don't use the two-dashes to rinse, you just add it along with the rest of the ingredients. I think you may be over-thinking it. The rinse idea is basically to keep one from using too much of the ingredient; it all gets blended in when you strain in the rest anyway. If you're serving guests, it may be more showy, but entirely superfluous. The important thing is using the proper amount, and I've had far too many Sazeracs that have been ruined by the bartender insisting on adding "enough absinthe to taste"; most of them, in fact. I devised a cocktail called the Mephisto that specifies 1/4 oz each of absinthe and Islay Scotch. I've yet to have any bartender besides Murray Stenson make it correctly because they insist that "you can't taste the absinthe or Scotch".
  4. Gwydion Stone

    Is FeeVerte Died?

    Kallisti and Head sold FV to David outright, AFAIK. I haven't been there in years. I imagine that David probably got fed up with maintaining the circus. I can relate; It's a thankless job.
  5. Gwydion Stone

    Elon is an idiot, and just outed himself.

    Jerusalem, that seething hotbed of absinthe culture. FFS.
  6. Gwydion Stone

    Cheers from Connecticut

    That happens because an admin has to manually approve first posts. Welcome! You'll find most of the basic information covered in the FAQ and articles linked from it, and practically anything else worth knowing has probably been discussed to death here in the forums over the last twelve years. Ragweed and wormwood are only distantly related, being different genera (ambrosia and artemisia) in the huge family, asteraceae. To the best of my knowledge, any pollen allergy shouldn't be activated by distilled spirits, since the pollen would be left behind in the pot. I suppose it's theoretically possible though, so I'd check with your allergist.
  7. Gwydion Stone

    Massimo is here

    Welcome. No apology needed, that's why we're here!
  8. Gwydion Stone

    Helo fro NYS

    https://www.absinthes.com/en/absinthe-antitoxin-p899 "Unashamedly a novelty absinthe - the unusual shape of its bottle, and its neon-green colour, make it a true eye-catcher. Not only the unusual shape of its bottle, also its extraordinary, bitter taste, makes this absinthe something special. With its 89.9% alcohol strength, this Absinthe is strong!" Absinthe should not be bitter. Why ask for advice after you bought it?
  9. Gwydion Stone

    LF these absinthe. plz help?

    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, all of those brands are fictitious branding projects by packaging designers.
  10. Gwydion Stone

    Absinthe Marteau and Gnostalgic Distillery

    I'm afraid Marteau is (once again) unavailable for the foreseeable future. The Stone & Szilard project lasted a little over a year, when Pete found that the demands of a day job on top of distilling activities were more than he'd anticipated. Unfortunately I was unable to continue alone, and things came to a halt. If and when I find a suitable location and funding, and Marteau, Foxtrot, and the dozen other products I was working on become available, I'll post about it here. Thanks for your interest.
  11. Gwydion Stone

    Thoughts on Sugar

    It's not the absinthe, it's you. No, seriously; it's a genetically-influenced preference. This is why we always correct people who say things like "a good absinthe doesn't need sugar". Some people perceive the flavor of anethole as a source of sweetness, some don't. It may (or may not) be connected to the "super-taster" gene, but I'm inclined to think it is. Non-sugarers are actually in the minority. We kept a running poll on the site for years, and no matter how many responses we got, the numbers remained fairly consistent: 2008 - 600 responses 40.3% always use sugar. 23.3% often use sugar. 20.9% seldom use sugar. 15.4% never use sugar. 2015 - 4000 responses 40.5% always use sugar 23.8% often use sugar 17.5% seldom use sugar 18.3% never use sugar
  12. The same sort of differences as between beer, wine, and tequila. Very mild, so much so that not everyone even notices them. Anethole from aniseed and fennel, responsible for the "licorice" flavor, is a mild stimulant and may be partly responsible.
  13. Gwydion Stone

    Absinthe on "Moonshiners"

    "Nobody else in the world can say that they've done a moonshiner's version of absinthe."
  14. Gwydion Stone

    Absinthe on "Moonshiners"

    Do I even dare watch this?
  15. Gwydion Stone

    Question on the St George Label

    That's the original label design. It was re-submitted and approved last February. The label specialists at the TTB have a fair amount of discretionary authority, so sometimes it's just the luck of the draw and depends on which specialist gets your application, and what kind of a mood they're in.