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  2. Jade Terminus...absolutely freakin phenomenal! (November 2019 Bottling)
  3. Well tonight it's a Mauresque (made with Pastis Combier and Lattitude 29 Orgeat) and Amelie.
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  5. You too Ms Monkey! Hope all's well with everyone!
  6. All of you. I miss my ws buddies. Wishing everyone the best in mucking through another day of ridiculous bullshit.
  7. Tattersal Aquavit. Yes I've taken a liking to Aquavit. Hope everyone is staying safe in these nucking futs crazy times.
  8. "Absinthe Original King of Spirits" fakesinthe Hey Forumites, It's been a slow day. Lately I've been Facebook spammed by the above purveyors of fake absinthe. How about dropping them a comment on their Facebook page telling them what real absinthe drinkers think of their product.
  9. Hello all. Long time no see. I had a wee taste of Glacier Distilling's verte offering. "Trail Of The Cedars Absinthe". Not bad at all. Had a little minty finish. I'm not a huge fan of absinthe using lots of star Anise, but this one didn't seem to be overly "Anised". Made with local wild Montana wormwood. Between the two I'd go for Vilya Verte still though.
  10. Most brands will tell you plain and simple what base spirit is used. Were you doing a project or something or just curious?
  11. Hey everyone, need a lil help here! i just noticed a bottle of mine had a minor leak and what seems to be a lil hole on top of the cork thru the plastic portection. should i consume the bottle quickly? or can i save it for a lil while longer?
  12. Jade C.F. Berger (VS 1898), watching To Live and Die in L.A. 😎
  13. Another new one for friend and I . We've had 15-20 different absinthes over the years(many) and I'd see this mentioned of course I randomly threw in 20 cl bottle and we tasted it other night and my goodness. I can't say I can argue that it does belong up there with the Jades. I shot to the top 5 easy I think of our favorite absinthes. Just stunned us both couldn't find a single thing about it we didn't like. What a just magical louche it has, thick , rich and creamy. Instantly I wished it was the bigger bottle I had ordered. What a wonderful absinthe.
  14. Tried this one for first time with friend who also has had lots of absinthes. We liked it but we swear there was some kind of dryness to it after drinking bout half the glass, leaves one with cottonmouth or least very dry sensation in the mouth. So that part of it was unpleasant but everything else about it seemed fine. Maybe it's related to being bitter but I didn't find it crazy bitter per se but dry dry dry.
  15. Hello, fellow absintheurs! I need a little help : could you ,guys (and girls if there are any), tell me all the absinthe brands that are made on grape base alcohol? I already am aware of such brands as VdF, BdF (The Enigmas), Desirée (is not available anymore), Brevans H.R.Giger, La Coquette, Soixinte Cinq and finally La Clandestine (alcool de vin). Do you know any more grape-base-brands? Thanks!
  16. I had this last year for first time, well maybe 2018 batch 102 and my God was this stuff good. I LOVE that pure grape punch it has, it's glorious just perfection in a bottle.
  17. I use 4:1 standard although I honestly stop it early maybe. I use a dripper not fountain and bubble glass cause I LOVE the show the louche puts on in it. 2:1 seems like madness to me. Although let's be honest my pouring of the absinthe diminishes after so many glasses that it's nearly double shot of absinthe per drink into that same 4:1 ratio so haha. I also agree I wasn't blown away by Terminus either. I have another bottle on the way alone with eddy and 1901, butterfly and Angelique (last time will be first time) exited. But to call the other jades similar is crazy talk if you ask me.
  18. Let's see if I still remember how to do this...
  19. Bumpski again, just because it's so delish. Will be making again for a gathering of 20 or so.
  20. Mansinthe Fat White Family - Auto Neutron Fat White Family - Tinfoil Deathstar
  21. Mansinthe PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries (Full Album) PWR BTTM - Pageant (Full Album)
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