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  2. Hi folks I'm Justin - from as early as late 90's fee verte days - used to hawk antiques and la bleue, now I'm a university person, vintage absinthe collector and youtube content creator (on esoteric related content). Glad to see that forums are enjoying their half-lives. I still enjoy and make a bit of absinthe myself. If you want to know my absinthe pedigree, I got my first absinthe spoon and glass from Mike Iavarone, z"l, and I enjoyed getting lovingly chewed out by Don Walsh, z"l, for not getting my chemistry correct. As for the rest, ask around.
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  4. Hey all. Been a spell! As you probably know, I spend most of my time managing the other platforms for the WS (Reviews, FB, IG, Reddit, Twitter, and TT), so I haven't had much time to spend here in the forums. That said, I hope to be able to come in once or twice a week from now on just to stay current. Now, for the updates and news: 1) You might have noticed the forums and site were down for about 6 weeks. This happened during the ownership transition. Yes, you read that right. Ownership transition. As of about 6 weeks ago, I completed the purchase of the Wormwood Society from our founder, Gwydion Stone. We all felt this was a smart move for multiple reasons. Gwydion simply didn't have the time or interest to keep it up I didn't have much more time than G, but my interest is there, as is the capital to have others help keep it up to date with fresh content and redesigns Since G was affiliated with a brand, having me purchase the site and having Gwydion step back from operations will lend the site even more credibility as a source of unbiased information without conflict of interest. We will continue to maintain an advisory board made up of a diverse set of people from all walks of life. Gwydion will continue to be referred to as our Founder, but will not have any active association with the society other than that of a general member. With everything that has happened in the absinthe community over the past year, I felt it even more important for the WS to be at the forefront of the industry evolution. We've now got a chance to stay relevant as well as help drive policy and get out in front of potential new consumers. 2) Part of the problem with the transfer was the redesign we were planning. Something got mucked up in the process of transferring some data. That seems to have been fixed. However, we will see some MAJOR changes to the layout of the main site in the next couple of weeks. We'll still have the forum. We'll still have brand reviews. But we want more. And we want it more easily accessible. So we're doing a complete overhaul of the main site and updating all of the joomla and IPB software and licenses. We're also going to be adding areas to review books about absinthe, restaurants, retailers, movies, etc. We're also going to be holding some contests over the next few months to drive reviews and site visits/links/mentions, etc. These contests will involve photo submissions (to help build out the cocktail section), reviews (they shouldn't all just be me!), and much more. Prizes will include things like rare or unique bottles, cocktail books, vintage samples, etc etc. Be on the lookout for that info on the main page soon. And if you haven't yet, please like and subscribe to all of our social media profiles to help grow our presence on the web. Cheers!
  5. I see this thread is pretty old, but I can contribute that after a few years of drinking absinthe, in 2018 I had 2 rounds of different brands of absinthe on a cruise ship (which was after some other drinks in the day - don't judge it's a cruise after all!) and woke up the next day with an extremely enlarged uvula. In fact I thought initially I had some food stuck in my throat. This took several hours to shrink with the help a Benadryl. After that event I read that alcohol alone may have been the culprit, and not necessarily absinthe. Fast forward to 2021. I have had several outings with alcohol since that time, with no issues at all. However, none of those involved the green farie. Today I decided to test my constitution again, without having a drop of any alcohol of any kind in the days prior. Sure enough, it happened again after only 2 sips! Such a shame. I really enjoyed that drink, including the taste, the color, the process, and the history behind it. Back to Old Fashions and Dark and Stormies, and yes, my low brow go to, Bud Light.
  6. Howdy Ron. It's been a spell. Hope all is well in your world. Cheers!
  7. It was mighty tasty. I have some left if I can remember where I stashed it from myself.
  8. Happy 4th of July Opening my last bottle of Marteau...
  9. Wow! It's been a week since I was here last. I must pick up the pace. Cheers!
  10. Nice, thanks for the review and heads up!
  11. Howdy Bill! Sometimes folks get their fill of certain places and circle back to others. I won't say I was ever lost...being "found" is a matter of debate though.
  12. Milk of Amnesia- the prototype to the fine Ridge Distillery blanche
  13. well I ordered a bottle of strong 68 on alandias website. And I just want to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Now ill admit upfront that I haven't tried any of the expensive higher quality absinthes save for la clandestine Blanche, if you consider that high quality. But I was quite satisfied with strong68. I had read people saying on here that it was horribly bitter and absolutely terrible. I didn't find it bitter at all. It was heavy on the anise as its prominent flavor but I didn't notice any bitterness at all. For me it was a decent absinthe. Aside from the louche not being as milky as i expected. I'd say go ahead and try it if you like absinthe heavy on the anise. I plan to try a bottle of jade terminus or gron opal next to see how these more expensive absinthes compare. I'll submit my reviews of them on here. But ya I think strong68 isn't a bad beginners absinthe in my opinion. Obviously not the best out there but to anyone wanting to try it id say go for it, it's not bad at all for the price.
  14. Plum Pudding in a Radice Silk Cut Aero Reverse Calabash. Happy Memorial Day!
  15. Hi Peridot! I've been fine like, well, sand I reckon. Hope you are well. Forums aren't all doing bad. Some are still very active due to members and admins keeping things interesting. We all get bored at times. Perhaps people will start drifting back in with all new stuff, ideas and events. We'll see. Cheers!
  16. Hit me up some time, man. 



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      Cajun Magic

      Will do, thanks for reaching out. :cheers:

  17. Dax Riggs- Tomorrow We Jump Johnny Cash- Rusty Cage Staind-So Far Away Swedish House Mafia- Don't you Worry Child NMH-In The Aeroplane Over The Sea oOoOO-Hustlin'
  18. Hey, Bill! How've you been? Just looking at the dates of the most recent posts, this place is a ghost town. Seems forums in general are dying in the age of reddit and facebutt.
  19. New absinthe from Huntsville, Alabama. I was very excited about it, so I got a bottle, added it to the review library, and posted a review. They're owned by Straight to Ale, one of my favourite breweries. Oh, and hi everyone! Been a while!
  20. Hello Brooks! We are well and in need of input. Cheers!
  21. Catch up and let us know what you think. Cheers!
  22. Welcome back Le Gimp! Cheers!
  23. Welcome back. Please share what you've enjoyed. Cheers!
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