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  3. Leopold Bros. just has to be grape based because its where all perfect grapes must go when they die because it's absolutely wonderfully grapetastic.
  4. Cheers to not being dead! I'm having some Third Stage verte. Damn tasty, and made here in TN.
  5. Hey Lars, Long time no See.



  6. ....Is back. I lost my pw years ago, and tried to recover it unsuccessfully. It seems with the changes made to the servers, that I can now get back in. Sold my Harley. Bought a KTN 790 ADV Grew older. Getting ready to retire this year. Still drinking Absinthe. Latest try is Copper Kings Blanche. Ok for the price, but has a slight off flavor aftertaste. Still like (1)Jade, (2) Hausgasmacht, (3) everything else. Hi Yall! Le Gimp
  7. Finishing off the Grön Opal. My only complaint is the diminutive size of the bottle. I see what the fuss is about here and will definitely check out to the blanche offering Vit Opal out.
  8. Hi all! Has it been awhile or what? I'm still recovering but that's that. Cheers! Bill
  9. Ramon Allones Club Allones (Edición Limitada 2015), Happy New Year!
  10. I haven’t been on the site for a long time and thought I would check in and try to catch up!
  11. If anyone is willing to sell, I'm willing to buy, just let me know.
  12. Stef

    hi there -I can't seem to read any of the sub forums. any help is appreciated-Stef

  13. Very old thread but I figured I would just reply back that those that wanted to say that I have fought back the temptation many a time to crack a bottle open and the aging continues 9 years later.
  14. (*blink, blink*) Where am I? Funny....I could swear I know you people. Did we, perhaps, meet back when the world was young? Hello to you all on October 1st, in this, the fucking longest Year Of Our Lord, 2020. Hope this finds you well!
  15. Jade Terminus...absolutely freakin phenomenal! (November 2019 Bottling)
  16. Well tonight it's a Mauresque (made with Pastis Combier and Lattitude 29 Orgeat) and Amelie.
  17. You too Ms Monkey! Hope all's well with everyone!
  18. All of you. I miss my ws buddies. Wishing everyone the best in mucking through another day of ridiculous bullshit.
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