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  2. PapaScout

    Jades and water ratio

    I'm right there with ya, MisterX. I will start around a 2:1 ratio of water to absinthe and take a sip. Sometimes I add a bit more and sometimes I don't. I also agree with Grim that it depends on my day - have I had anything else to eat or drink that throws me off. Salty or spicy foods right before an absinthe make me add more water to get the ratio right. The second absinthe may be back down to 2:1.
  3. Last week
  4. Just ordered a bottle of this through the Whisky Exchange in London, will post a review here when it reaches my door.
  5. Ádám Oláh (Phoney)

    Eichelberger Line of Absinthes

    It's hard to compare with Jade 1901, but it'd put my experience on the same level, too. It's ridiculously creamy (much more so than anything else I've had), and it has some heavenly fennel-calamus candylike thing going on. Some other German and Swiss absinthes have a more or less similar stlyle, but for me, Eichelberger does it best by far. Eichelberger 80 is very similar, too, and some of their pale verte. Limitée 68 is different but it's delicious all the same. Similar to La Grenouille and maybe Grön Opal, too.
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  7. Bodhran_Thumper

    A Shipping Query

    I guess I answered my own post in that question, was looking at this site though Sensatonics, makes me think they are advertising gross prices before VAT is added. https://www.sensatonics.de/en/shop/absinthe/
  8. Bodhran_Thumper

    A Shipping Query

    Just made an order from Alandia of Suisse La Bleue and the VDF bottles and a brouille top, just confused at bill receipt. suisse La Bleue 49.00 Euro VDF 45.00 Euro brouille top 9.90 Euro shipping and handling 21.50 Euro Tax 20.02 Euro equals 145.42 Euro yet my bill comes to 125.40 Euro. It dawns on me that the tax already seems to be paid in the prices of the bottle, I also got an email from Alandia paypal which seem to have the gross prices of the products and confirms to me that the tax has in fact already been paid. Sussie La Bleue 41.18 Euro VDF 37.81 Euro brouille 8.32 Euro Tax 20.02 Euro shipping & handling 18.07 Euro total 125.40. So it look like the tax is already paid is this the case, I thought it was going to be 20 Euro more, so not so bad. They are also giving me an absinthe glass, my first, so looking forward to this delivery.
  9. Ádám Oláh (Phoney)

    Towards an IGP for "Absinthe de Pontarlier" ?

    Anyone seen the technical file for Absinthe de Pontarlier published last March? Seems like it's on its way getting EU IGP. Lots of good rules there, except some looks too restrictive even for Pontarlier absinthe. Apart from the 20 mg thujone (which is deemed necessary all the same for any ABV, "in order to preserve these aromas"), it must be a "pale-yellow spirit with greenish hues", so peridot green won't cut it, I guess. And, I don't know if it's relevant, but the maximum allowed fennel content is some 20% less than what the old manuals had for Pontarlier absinthe. Also, fennel doesn't have to be distilled (or even included).

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Uncle Val’s Botanical gin out of Bend, OR. Expensive, but, sweet and mellow.
  11. Cajun Magic

    What are you Smoking?!?!

    CAO Consigliere (Soldier) paired with Pierre Ferrand Reserve.
  12. Cajun Magic

    Is FeeVerte Died?

    ...hopefully it's devoid of fish-man hybrids, well It is a coastal city. Lovecraft jokes aside it does look like a lovely place to be.
  13. Bodhran_Thumper

    Show Us Your Stash!

    A very nice collection you have there Patient.
  14. Patient Explorer

    Show Us Your Stash!

    I love how the Absente bottle has it's back turned, like it knows it shouldn't really be there. Jade PF 1901 and Enigma Blanche are absinthes i'd love to have in my cabinet. Also, I just learned how to link an image bigger than .2MB, so here you go everybody!
  15. Patient Explorer

    Philippe Lasala Absinthe

    Firstly did you notice the black pepper smell when you open the bottle? Also, I have to agree with you on all fronts, I use it the exact same way. My final thought on this one is that it's "Absinthe Light." At proper dilution (1 to 3 for me) it will check the anise, fennel, and maybe the wormwood box. It will then scratch that itch one gets when they want a glass of absinthe without draining one of their more valuable bottles. The final louche is sudden, appropriately thick, but not opalescent. Flavor-wise it's balanced, simple, and appropriate, but the finish is nonexistent. Overall, very basic, but pleasant. A perfect starter to be able to compare your more complex offerings to.
  16. Patient Explorer

    Happy to finally be a part of this community.

    Congrats on the order! I have been leaning on Lasala pretty heavily as of late whilst trying to preserve the rest of my order until the wife can fully delve in with me.
  17. Patient Explorer


    As someone who usually isn't into gin, I really enjoy Farmer's botanical organic gin out of Minnesota. Its known botanicals are apple, coriander, hops, lavender, mint and juniper, along with some possible elderflower. It makes delicious in a gin & tonic and its subtle sweetness makes it my favorite spirit to drink neat.
  18. Patient Explorer

    Tree Spirits Absinthe Verte

    So I'm thinking of grabbing a bottle of Maine-made Tree Spirits' Absinthe Verte on a trip up there this weekend. It's made from traditional herbs (The holy trinity, petit wormwood, melissa, coriander, hyssop, and angelica) and has an apple spirit base which I find pretty interesting. Has anybody tried it or heard anything about it? If not, I'll be sure to let everybody know my thoughts and write a review regardless.
  19. Patient Explorer

    Jade Blanchette

    A 1L bottle of Blanchette would be amazing. At first, I found this absinthe to be a little too subtle and delicate for my tastes, but after getting through a whole bottle, I really learned to appreciate how well balanced and easy to drink it is. Definitely something I will always try to keep in stock.
  20. Absomphe

    Is FeeVerte Died?

    No, you wouldn't. The human mind wasn't meant to comprehend such eldritch horrors. Bingo! Eldritch just happens to be one of my favorite Bellingham avenues, which I'm sure won't surprise you.
  21. Bodhran_Thumper

    Jade Blanchette

    Just about over halfway through my first 50 CL bottle, have checked all the vendors and no one seems to stock the litre bottle anymore, anyway loving this drink, a good companion to the Enigma Blanche.
  22. Looks like it would be worth a try.
  23. Bodhran_Thumper

    Philippe Lasala Absinthe

  24. Bodhran_Thumper

    Loch Ness Blanche Absinthe - Scotland's first absinthe

    Someone got in contact with me through Absinthe Originals on Facebook and there is a place I can buy it online in the Nederlands.
  25. It looks like The Sun used a generic photo of Apsinthion in a glass for the promotion of this, I hope its a good absinthe.
  26. I came across this news item last week and found the Blackwater Distillery Facebook page, it seems this is not available yet or was just a very small batch. Anyway I messaged them on Facebook and they told me the bottle will be launched in late Spring, so will let you know if I procure a bottle of this. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/green-fairy-casting-its-spell-over-emerald-isle-distiller-k2rjvsz32 Edit: Sorry didn't realise there was a paywall so here is the tabloid version from The Sun. https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/2470586/blackwater-distillery-set-to-launch-irelands-first-absinthe-west-waterford-festival-of-food-as-new-product-to-be-bottled-and-released-next-month/
  27. Bodhran_Thumper

    Show Us Your Stash!

    Couldn't edit my post again so here is the image of my collection that I posted in my Facebook group.
  28. Gwydion Stone

    Is FeeVerte Died?

    No, you wouldn't. The human mind wasn't meant to comprehend such eldritch horrors. Actually, it used to look a lot nicer, but a PHP upgrade forced me to pick a template that would work with the new system. The current one was expected to be temporary, maybe a couple of weeks at most, but it's been like 3 or 4 years. It is. It's the most visited part, but still an add-on. I've toyed with the idea of making it the front-and-center focus, but then folks would ignore the important history and science info even more. As Michael pointed out, we still have a lot of educating to do. None taken. I'm painfully aware of the state of the place. The reasons for delay and decay are several: • Facebook has distracted people to the point where forums such as this are nearly obsolete. We used to get hundreds of new posts a week and a steady stream of new registrations. When we were founded and made our mission and tone clearly distinct from the other absinthe venues online, we grew at an impressive rate, surpassing the others in content and activity fairly quickly. • Since I'm no longer distilling, I've been obliged to find other means of livelihood, and am living more-or-less at subsistence level. Usually less. That and health concerns leave me little time and motivation to devote to what has always been a labor of love, but what I'd hope would be a career. • I've always taken care of building the site and writing most of the material on the front end. If there's not a by-line, I wrote it. As years went by and the interwebs evolved, my tech skills fell behind. Keeping things looking fresh isn't as easy as it once was. The world of absinthe has changed in some ways as well, so there's a lot on the site that needs to be either updated or re-written entirely. And this is an old discussion so you probably already know, but the reviews are back.
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