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  2. Found an unopened bottle of Jade Edouard from 2012 way in the back of my stash. Forgot how good this stuff is. And the cork didn't even bust my balls that much!
  3. Funnily enough my first jade I purchased was the Nouvelle Orleans many moons ago. It had the jade funk that subsided a bit with time. The bottle I recently got was amazing and all glasses of it I've ordered while in NOLA were fantastic. Yeah palates do evolve and some things hit different sometimes. Finished off my bottle of Akori Gin with a G&T and then Gin on the rocks in my Tangueray G&T Balloon Glass. Life is good! *Fixed Gallon Glass to Balloon Glass, damned autocorrect is making me look like a Lush.
  4. I never had the opportunity to have a good 1901. I only had one bottle of it, and it was REALLY off. Strange how some years back Jade N.O. was my least favorite of the line, and now I'm hittin' it pretty regularly. Same with a few other brands as well. I guess it's an evolving palate.
  5. Since I see a bit of actual justice happening in this country again, I'll have a drink or two in honor of that.
  6. Hello OmG_Bill, 

    Since the topic is kinda bugged I'll private answer here:

    I found some stuff about recipes, but nothing I can/want published yet the forum has no impact 😞  

    Have an great day

    1. OMG_Bill


      Have you got a copy of the DeBrevins book or Duplais? 

      If not, send me your email address and I'll send them to you.

      I believe the dates are 1893 and 1877. 

      Sound interesting?


      I may be able to put them right here for you. May?!?!

  7. Got the fountain going and louching up some Jade Nouvelle Orléans. Wishing a Blessed Samhain...or Happy Halloween if you're a heathen!
  8. If you are in the Washington, D.C. area (or otherwise in striking distance of Frederick, MD), I suggest you pay a visit to the Tenth Ward Distillery’s tasting room on Patrick St. in downtown Frederick. First and foremost, the absinthe is good and quite traditional. Some time ago I tried their product and found it respectable but with room for improvement. That was batch 12, I believe…they are now on 21 and I think the product is very good and closing in on top tier. Certainly it’s one of the very best absinthes for the price (750 ml bottle was $45 last I saw). Next, the tasting room offers a nice atmosphere, and they know how to properly serve absinthe…no BS. Third, they offer other spirits and a variety of tasty and unique cocktails. Final note…if you can’t get to Frederick, I would recommend looking around for their product…I know they carry it at Total Wine in Columbia, MD., and it’s likely available elsewhere in the region. I’m a big fan of the Jades and have tried many absinthes that I have enjoyed, but Tenth Ward is a real gem in my backyard…very pleased with the way they’ve improved their recipe.
  9. Not really drinking. Drizzled a little Un Sapin liqueur over french vanilla ice cream.
  10. Drinking something. Doesn’t matter what. After 32 months of looking for FT permanent work, I’ve been humbled. Finally got a gig!! Brian, I will be hiring you for financial advice, very soon. ;^>
  11. Mixed a shot of la clandestine into a glass of eggnog (more than twice) and garnished it with a little fresh ground nutmeg. Pretty good!
  12. Wheeeeee! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! It’s Saturday! It’s Saturday! Lift every voice, and sing! Sing. Sing while you may! - Legendary Pink Dots
  13. This craving for a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier has overtaken me. I must be mentally putting a list together.
  14. Hey Ms. Monkey, good to "see" you too, and I hope all's well with you and yours! I just started drinking absinthe again after taking a couple years off. Looks like a lot has changed with the products and vendors since I last made my last purchase. Hopefully I'll pick up some new tips from you folks. 🍸
  15. Ahhh, October.... September is great because summer is over, but damn, October is awesome. Amazing weather. Enjoying fresh orange juice with vodka.
  16. I believe the closed operations earlier in September from what I read on the FB discussion.
  17. Happy Saturday eve to all. I'm having an absinthe and root beer tonight. It' been a minute since I've visited. Glad to be back. Cheers!
  18. I can’t seem to find any announcements about them, but their site is down. Have any of you heard what’s up with them?
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