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Wormwood Society Opposes Exclusive Use of the Name “Absinthe”

Swiss coat of armsThe Wormwood Society hereby states its opposition to the establishment of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) passed on August 16th, 2012 by Switzerland's Federal Office of Agriculture. We have determined that the PGI has a false basis and that it should be revoked.

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Absinthe Dilution App For Android

absintheappAndroid absintheurs, here's a great new absinthe app that's very simple, and very handy.  Absinthe is best when diluted to the proper strength. While the exact strength is a matter of personal taste, absinthe is intended to be drunk as a mildly alcoholic aperitif, more like wine than liquor, at between 12% to 14% or so. 

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An Early Absinthe Club, 1876

An excerpt from a pamphlet published by the U.S. Brewer's Association, ‪A Solution of the Temperance Problem‬, ‪Proposed by the Government of Switzerland‬ references a late 19th century absinthe drinking club.

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WS Absinthe 101 Flyer Download

acrobat pdf icon Concise absinthe facts at your fingertips with this one-page, two-sided flyer.  Please feel free to download, print and distribute to your friends, drinking acquaintances, bar manager and liquor store manager.

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How to buy and drink good quality absinthe

Brian Robinson, review editor for the online forum [section of] The Wormwood Society,offers some insights on buying and preparing absinthe in the traditional style. Robinson is one of the most prolific collectors and reviewers of absinthe in the United States, with a personal stock ofmore than 150 brands from around the world, including some of the very rare pre-ban vintage bottles

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A Classic Cocktail

Le Rat Blanc

1 1/2 oz absinthe
1/2 oz Anis del Mono or anisette

Shake with crushed ice. Strain into a cocktail glass.

The Gentleman's Companion, 1946


Wormwood Society Gear

Available in our CafePress store with white or full color seal on a range of colored shirts. Mens, womens, hoodies & more.

Absinthe Tasting Journal

front cover th
The WS Absinthe Tasting Journal

With room for over 200 tastings, provides novices and experts with a primer in absinthe history and facts, as well as instructions on how to conduct scorings and blind tastings.

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